Dawn of Zombies v2.223 MOD APK (Free Craft, Menu, Freeze Enemy)

v. 2.223 by Royal Ark
DOZ was made for true fans of zombie survival games! Craft, shoot, and survive!
Android Android 6.0 Action
4.4 (346 ratings )
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Dawn of Zombies: Survival Game Description

Dawn of Zombies: Survival Game mod apk – GAME.web.id Experience the aftermath of a nuclear apocalypse in the king of online survival games, Dawn of Zombies: Survival. This online multiplayer game unfolds in the Last Territories, which have mysteriously survived the Conflagration. In this survival adventure, you'll be battling hunger, cultists, zombies, diseases, radiation, nuclear aberrations, and bandits from across the wasteland. Will you, a born survivor, succeed against the challenges of the post-apocalyptic world? Establish your state of survival and show the apocalypse who's boss.

Jump into our survival game:
— Acquaint yourself with the rules of survival and master survival craft both above ground and below.
— Excel in life after the apocalypse: sate your hunger, quench your thirst, and recover from radiation and diseases.
— Delve into a captivating action adventure survival story, with dozens of characters and hundreds of immersive quests.
— Experience the realistic graphics that truly bring this survival simulator game to life.
— 50+ artifacts from aberrated areas to help you get through the long dark of night.
— Wilderness, forests, military zones, and scientific bases, full of zombies, bandits, and fearsome beasts.
— Trade and communicate with various factions in the post-apocalypse, from stalkers wandering the Territories to Institute scientists.
— 40+ allies to help you in your fight against the unstoppable zombie hordes, including your faithful companion, River the dog, who was otherwise left to survive by himself. Build relationships with these characters to get unique rewards.
— Learn more than 100 Combat, Resource, or Survival skills. This ain't one of your typical zombie games!
— Craft to survive with 150+ blueprints for weapons, armor, vehicles, and shelter buildings for your base.
— 100+ types of weapons, including elemental weapons that deal fire, cold, acid, or electric damage. Shooting zombies is super fun now!
— Stealth mode: sneak up to zombies, hide in bushes, and silently dispatch your enemies. Use your smarts to survive the day, before heading back for more.
— Multiplayer: kill zombies and survive with your friends in online co-op mode.
— Dozens of different decorations and NPC assistants for your shelters and bases.
— Repair weapons and armor to withstand the zombie apocalypse.
— Travel using vehicles, from a humble bike to a souped-up off-roader. It will be days before they catch up to you!
— Special events: protect other survivors from bandits and attack cultist camps. Zombie survival games aren't just all "braaains!"
— Varied challenges: search airdrops, study aberrations, and find caches full of swag.
— Boss raids in radioactive bunkers and dungeons.
— Golden Status granting free gear, additional inventory functionality, gold, and skill point bonuses.

Coming soon:
— More of the features you want in online multiplayer games, such as…
— Large settlements where you can talk to other players.
— Clan bases, to develop and explore aberrated areas with your friends in an online survival mode.
— MMO boss raids and clan zombie hunts.
— Co-op PvE quests.

Humanity has fallen; the dead have risen. Dark games are afoot. You are a survivor, a stalker, wandering the Wastelands. Your task is to explore these lands, where man is more to be feared than beast, and a can of meat or a pair of worn-out boots is reason enough for murder. Your friend Sherp, an expert on nuclear aberrations, has gone missing in the Last Territories. It's down to you to find out what happened to him and uncover the true cause of the apocalypse. If you're lucky enough to survive in the days after, that is…
And remember: however long and dark the night, the light of dawn will always come.

News and contests:

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/dawnofzombies
Telegram: https://t.me/dawnofzombies
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dawnofzombies
Twitter: https://twitter.com/doz_survival
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/doz_survival/
Tech support: support@dozsurvival.com

Introduction Dawn of Zombies v2.223 MOD APK (Free Craft, Menu, Freeze Enemy)

Zombie-packed action games are considered the most passionate ones in the gaming industry. And the high demand for these games is quite reasonable as it offers open-world environments with extraordinary graphic quality, special effects, storytelling tools, and many such appeals. Action simulators require your logical as well as strategical abilities to perform enormous functions simultaneously. Dawn of Zombies is one such top-notch simulator bringing a whole lot of adventures your way. Moreover, the surprising element is the Dawn of Zombies MOD APK, including some lavish perquisites to ensure 100% participation. Dawn of Zombies has proved to be the most loved Zombie game as it is one of the play store’s editors’ choices. Its intriguing designs, massive battles, and tremendous variety of weapons, 3D graphics & animations, will always keep you hooked. Moreover, we’re also offering you the modified version of the same game below – Dawn Of Zombies MOD APK. After installing this beast modification in your smartphone, you can experience free shopping with all the exclusive premium features. Additionally, you can also go ad-free in this exceptional game after installing the modification. Roll up your sleeves to undergo a blockbuster run!!!

An awesome zombie game featured with the top-notch traits Dawn of Zombies v2.223 MOD APK (Free Craft, Menu, Freeze Enemy)

Zombie-themed video games have gained immense popularity in the past decade, and they’ve carved out their own subgenre. Ever wondered what feels like inside the realm of weird creatures like Zombies?? Dawn of Zombies will take you to such a world to satisfy all your expectations. This beast was developed by Royal Ark, a company known for crafting the best video games. Dawn of Zombies, Survival after the last war is an online simulator game of survival in a post-apocalyptic world where the players need to withstand hunger, aberrations, fanatical mutants, diseases, and obviously the super-powered Zombies, among other survivors. The gameplay entails you diving into the story & build your own shelter, selecting costumes, crafting tools, upgrading vehicles, choosing skills, and collecting resources to survive as long as possible.

So, You basically need to explore the territory and be a survivor in the dangerous land. Thus, it is a perfect platform for horror and fantasy under one roof. Download Dawn of Zombies for an unmissable adventure!! But to make your experience even more intense here’s the Dawn of Zombies MOD APK with some exclusive benefits.

Download the feature-rich version of this exceptional game for free Dawn of Zombies v2.223 MOD APK (Free Craft, Menu, Freeze Enemy)

It’s rightly said that the journey matters more than the destination. And your journey in this Zombie society with dozens of characters, infinite quests, and dynamic lighting day and night change will surely be grand. These are the reasons for its millions of downloads. Here you can communicate with other players, make allies, and play against other survivors. Another key feature of the play is Stealth Mode, which lets you temporarily hide from zombies and kill them. You’ll only get minimal equipment at the very initial gaming stage. Therefore, you need to gather resources and craft them into weapons, clothes, armor & some special items, for protection from deadly groups of zombies.

Moreover, for making your adventuresome trip a bit smoother, the recreated version is here with the same interface & controls but tremendous additional benefits. And I know you cannot hold your excitement, so just go through the features of Dawn of Zombies MOD APK & download it right now!

A modified game where there is no need for Root Access Dawn of Zombies v2.223 MOD APK (Free Craft, Menu, Freeze Enemy)

Rooting smartphones disables almost all the built-in security features of the operating system. These security features are part of what keeps the operating system (hardware & software) safe, and data secure from exposure or corruption. But we care about your security & privacy first, and thus created this modified version that does not require root access. Install the original & compatible Dawn of Zombies MOD APK & enjoy the gameplay in your private space.

Play your favorite game with zero advertisements Dawn of Zombies v2.223 MOD APK (Free Craft, Menu, Freeze Enemy)

In-game advertising is a monetization strategy that game developers use to boost their revenue. However, these irrelevant pop-ups & advertisements are very annoying for the players. Well, the ads can also get removed in many apps by paying for a subscription. But what can be more pleasant than having an ad-free gaming journey without spending a single penny? It’s one of the biggest blessings granted by the Dawn Of Zombies MOD APK. It’s 100% free from online advertisements. Download it free of cost for a free-from-ads experience!!

Why fear if everything is already unlocked in this dawn Dawn of Zombies v2.223 MOD APK (Free Craft, Menu, Freeze Enemy)

Dawn of Zombie’s official version contains a massive amount of weapons, armor & add-ons essential for survival among the tireless zombies. But as a drawback, all these usable equipment are locked and can only be used after reaching the appropriate levels. Stop worrying and download the Dawn Of Zombies MOD APK since you can cause the most heightened damage to the deadly beasts with the most upgraded weapons & functions, as everything is unlocked here free of charge and without a second of struggle. Isn’t it amazing???

Enjoy the entirely free crafting in this exceptional version Dawn of Zombies v2.223 MOD APK (Free Craft, Menu, Freeze Enemy)

One more good news coming along with Dawn of Zombies MOD APK is free crafting. If you are already playing the game, you must know the massive number of ingredients are required to craft equipment or produce something. Players might even need to attempt and construct a great deal of craft and buildings. But we promise here to let you free from all the struggles. All you need is to install the beast-modified application, and you can build & upgrade freely without the required items. Sounds splendid, right?

Conclusion Dawn of Zombies v2.223 MOD APK (Free Craft, Menu, Freeze Enemy)

Drop the idea of space-consuming gaming consoles and experience the adventure-filled journey directly on your mobile phone with the most fluent quality like the big gaming consoles. What else can be more reliable and efficient?? Realistic graphics & the highest sound quality are a few reasons why Dawn Of Zombies MOD APK caught many people’s attention over the years. Moreover, the main thing that makes people enjoy is a massive amount of new content with high creativity applied to the Zombie theme. So download the Dawn of Zombies MOD APK right now on your android device, and start your victorious battle!!!

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Sep 28, 2023

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Google Play


Android 6.0+



Mod Information
  • Max Level Craft
  • Free building
  • Free Craft
What's News Update
— Timed event: Decayers' Invasion. Find keys in Crypts and open Cargo with rewards. — New unique ally available during the event: the Prophet of the Shining. — Chance to collect familiar decorations and Decayers' weapons. — Season 8 of the Strider's Pass continues! Earn points for obtaining resources and killing enemies, level up the Pass, and claim rewards.
Previous Versions
Dawn of Zombies: Survival Game
Dawn of Zombies: Survival Game 2.223 APK MOD
October 2, 2023 1.1 GB

What's Mod:

Free Craft, Menu, Freeze Enemy

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