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share mood to be understood
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obimy mod apk – GAME.web.id obimy is the way to stay true whatever mood you have & be understood by others. the rules are simple: mood is a mark, sense is an act. if you’re sharing sad mood, you can receive hugs. where else can you slap or tickle your bestie when feeling lonely & far away? or receive a kiss from a crush in a chat? it's totally worth texting till morning when you’re in a mood to get closer & reach new levels where you can win prizes!

people around you see you as ‘obi’ – a sweet square with whatever cosmic or fresh color you choose. your obimates are your friends & family.

feel just raw emotions. share your happiness, sadness, excitement or being ok state! you'll be surprised by the reactions you get, trust! in any case, you’ll be heard & understood.

every mood you share, every sense you send, every message you type unlocks your achievements on a higher level with your friend in chat. it’s a fun game where prizes are more app’s feature which helps you get closer & casually communicate.

are you in? hope on!

share your mood, stay true & be praised by yourself! anything you feel, makes you visible, hugged, kissed, licked etc like in real life. it’s a trigger of an unusual beginning of the interaction.
send a sense to improve the mood & reply with an action by one tap. it's like a sticker, but way better action! you can send a hug, a kiss, a bite, or even a slap to whoever you want – your crush, your bestie, or any of the millions of people on here!
customize yourself! pick any color & hairstyle among dozens to create your obi.
chat! it’s not just about talking on the messenger. you can text & even score that kiss you've been waiting for so long & don't forget to share your mood after – it's crucial! find connections with more than just words. obimy's got you covered!
gain magnetism levels in a chat. each level not only brings you closer to each other but also gives you cool stuff to customize your obi or senses to send.
get the achievements that drive you to get prizes just for being yourself. it's a cool thing that makes being true & open your new habit.
get a notification that turns you on to do something cool & not be shy. so, there's no need for a calendar to know when you should pay attention to mates in the app. these words on the screen are probably pushers to find real things to feel.
be closer to close ones with healthkit technology. feel their pulse, track their moods & steps. terms of use: https://app.obimy.com/en/terms

stay cool, share your mood to be understood.

Introduction Obimy Premium v4.9.0 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Obimy mod apk is an amazing application which people have been waiting for so long and it was the most demanded application because of its wow features that it provides to every user. The app offers a huge collection of exclusive emoticons to its users for expressing their feelings and emotions in a different and attractive way with the help of these sweet and cute emojis. Almost everyone was eagerly waiting for obimy 3.0 version to experience something unique and interesting through this app. Now, make your conversation interesting rather than making it boring with the help of this stunning app which provides you multiple emoticons that describe your actions and makes it easier for the second person to understand your way of expressing thoughts and desires. Sometimes it becomes difficult for the people to express their personal feelings to their close ones or to their favorite person because of their shy behavior or they are introverted but emojis can make your work easier because they express everything to the person in a very easy way without even saying or writing a single word.

A novel approach to conveying one’s feelings and thoughts Obimy Premium v4.9.0 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

you do not need to be concerned about whether or not people will grasp the activities that are performed by the gorgeous icons that are present on the screen of their keyboard because in today’s world everyone is familiar with the lovely icons that are available on the screen. Everyone had a strong desire for something that may make it simpler for them to convey their ideas and feelings to another individual without actually having to say those words.

Emojis come in a wide variety of exciting forms. Obimy Premium v4.9.0 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

People are able to express a wide range of actions with the use of these different sorts of emojis. Some examples include holding a hand, pitching a butt, squeezing the cheeks, and many more. What are you holding out for exactly? Simply download this app and start using it to communicate your feelings in a straightforward and expedient manner with other people. Using these carefully selected animations, you can communicate all of your insanity and fantasies to the other person.

14 distinct senses are available for use. Obimy Premium v4.9.0 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Over 14 different sensations are available to users of the obimy mod apk for no additional cost. These senses enable you to swiftly describe how you are feeling and how you perceive the scenario to the person you care about the most. There are over 17 distinct colours, including sweet, stylish, and others, from which you can select one that best suits your preferences and preferences. These animations are nothing more than simple words that are regarded to be the glue that holds people together and brings them closer to one another.

Send your loved ones an electronic expression of your affection. Obimy Premium v4.9.0 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

You are able to see everyone, including your mother, brother, sister, and other loving pals, on a single screen so that you can maintain communication with them all at the same time. You can send the person you care about hugs and kisses, so this is another method that you can share your love and concern with those who are near to you and whom you hold dear. You are going to absolutely adore the atmosphere that is produced by the application. Get the chance to experience a degree of expression that is on a world-class level with new ways and methods of sharing.

Now, make an effort to interact with people and stay in touch. Obimy Premium v4.9.0 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Obimy mod apk is an app that has made it simpler for individuals to keep in touch and contact with their loved ones. Additionally, the programme enables its users to communicate their current disposition as well as their thoughts, feelings, and other such things in a way that is both clear and expedient. The programme has been designed to allow users to communicate their love, as well as their acts, feelings, and concerns, to their friends and family members even while they are physically apart from them.

Conclusion Obimy Premium v4.9.0 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

with the free obimy mod apk that can be downloaded from the google play store, you are able to enjoy an incredible and entertaining experience. Because it is a modded version, those who use it get access to features that are otherwise unavailable or exclusive. If you download this mod, you will have access to a wide variety of comforts and conveniences, all of which will be provided to you at no cost and will include newly unlocked features and skills.

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Oct 2, 2023

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- customize yourself with 17 free options: colors, hairstyles, earrings. - get closer to obimates in chat to unlock new customization items & special senses. - be yourself, share your mood, send hugs to earn prizes. celebrate being true to yourself with the new achievement system.
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