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Play the sequel to Hasbro's classic family board game THE GAME OF LIFE on mobile
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The Game of Life 2 Description

The Game of Life 2 mod apk – GAME.web.id Live 1000 lives in the official sequel to the classic board game, The Game of Life! Will you be a Video Blogger or a Robotics Engineer? Play now!

Winner of Pocket Gamer Awards 2021 – "Best Digital Board Game”
Played by over 50 Million Players Worldwide

Customize your peg, hop in your eco-car and race your friends and family through The Game of Life 2! It’s a contemporary sequel to the family favourite, The Game of Life. With 1000 ways to live and new ways to win, what will you choose? Collect points for wealth, happiness and knowledge, become a Pop Star with 5 dogs and a private pool, or a Brain Surgeon with multiple degrees and 3 kids!


The Game of Life 2 digital board game is the award-winning sequel to the original Hasbro board game, The Game of Life.
• A GAME FOR 4 PLAYERS – Join 3 of your favorite people and live your dreams
• AN AD-FREE GAME – Enjoy the complete game with no interruptions
• 6 TRANSLATIONS – English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Brazilian Portuguese
• SINGLE PLAYER – Take on our challenging AI
• ONLINE MULTIPLAYER – Connect with fans, or invite friends and family to a private game
• PASS & PLAY – No internet? No problem! Pass a single device between players for a wifi-free experience

How to play

CUSTOMISE your character
Customize your pink, blue or newly available purple peg with a style all of your own.

The game starts with a big decision. Will you go to College or straight into work? In this classic simulation, what will your friends and family choose?

It’s your LIFE PATH
Get married or don’t, have kids, adopt pets, or both! Work as a Pet Groomer, then qualify and become a Wind Turbine Technician! The choices are yours!

Earn points for every choice you make! Every choice increases your wealth, happiness or knowledge, so every decision is valid.

RETIRE your way
Continue living the life of your dreams! Relax in a luxury home, or hit the road and fulfill your bucket list! Unlike the classic board game, you can choose to venture on!

Earn REWARDS to UNLOCK new items
Unlock new pegs, outfits and vehicles by playing the game and earning rewards!

The Ultimate Life Collection
Venture into a collection of 10 amazing fantasy worlds. Live life in enchanted worlds, make friends with dinosaurs in the Age of Giants and launch into the futuristic Lunar Age! Every new world features new Outfits, Vehicles, Jobs, Properties and more!

Introduction The Game Of Life 2 MOD APK v0.4.7 (Unlocked all)

We know the world of reality is not soft on anyone, which is why every one of us dreams of many things. We would like to do in the career, education, life, goals and others, but rarely are some people fortunate enough to perform and accomplish those things. Real-life is tough, and we all have some responsibilities that come in the maiden of our dreams, so we leave them.

We know that the integrated internet world has evolved, precisely when we talk about the gaming segment. Still, we leave it on the row because we are here to talk about availability in the gaming segments available nowadays. As the simulation factor has entered into the gaming arsenal, the field has completely changed to the new phase. You can now experience every realistic aspect in any genre of any genre, mainly related to life elements.

The Game Of Life 2 Mod Apk is here, which is also a serving of technological improvements of the web system. Here, you are offered various activities simulated in real life that you need to perform. You can experience your dreams of a career and education coming true, at least in the simulation, because we can share things with pleasure in the mind. So it’s one of the current generation’s needs that’s why a new addition to the existing gameplay.

In the game, you have to participate and make up members to which you are entitled. The gameplay will not provide the options like in the old version, but a board with the apin wheel means luck decides the fate, but the control lies in your hand of the answer. Offer other mates the dreams in the form of work like education, career, money, health and more to decide. The gameplay is available in many modes, including multiplayer, to make your interaction possibly world-class.

The Game Of Life 2 Mod Apk The Game Of Life 2 MOD APK v0.4.7 (Unlocked all)

The Game Of Life 2 Mod Apk is an alternate variant of the original game; we have just enhanced the existing elements to provide users with ease of action for better gameplay. Here, we offer them unlimited money to unlock items and tools as well as for the upgrading of the existing ones. Free shopping of the equipment from the in-game store. We know that it’s a paid game, so to cater to the majority, we have unlocked the premium for the users just for free. Yes, no need to spend even a penny from your pocket anywhere.

The elements are also sorted out by fixing bugs, ensuring no lagging, and others. We have integrated the no ads policy under which all ads are blocked and removed from the gameplay. The version doesn’t require rooting from any other sources, and because of this, the offering is antiban and has antivirus properties for the users. Thus ensuring a safe and secure gaming experience for all the viewers.

Unique gameplay with 3d simulation The Game Of Life 2 MOD APK v0.4.7 (Unlocked all)

The Game Of Life 2 Mod Apk is available to the users in the most astonishing 3d simulation of all elements offered in the ultra Hd version of the outlook. Everything here offers the users the unique type of gameplay where you have to explore things on your own. No options for the order will be given to you. In the board spin wheel, you have to look for the answer while creating the characters yourself and ordering the kind of work for them to fulfil them to the respect of the decisions.

Explore your passion The Game Of Life 2 MOD APK v0.4.7 (Unlocked all)

You will get all the options to perform various works of the enhanced dream following simulation. You have to assemble the characters and spin the wheels for the decision making process. The gameplay offers the choice to be made for that roleplay to make the order followed that means you will choose the options for the others to follow in the passion wise category like education, money, health, career kind of things.

Spin the wheels The Game Of Life 2 MOD APK v0.4.7 (Unlocked all)

The gameplay of The Game Of Life 2 Mod Apk offers the users the option to supply like never before, where you have to spin the wheel as the wheel will decide the fate of the character. You know that the things will be provided on the spin wheel category; whoever the member gets selected will have to follow your order. You will order him in the type of the life goals whichever options are given in the interface like education, career, money.

Multiple kinds of modes to choose The Game Of Life 2 MOD APK v0.4.7 (Unlocked all)

The Game Of Life 2 Mod Apk provides users with various modes to play the gameplay; each way offers an astonishingly different work style where elements are given in the different approaches and the same existing features. Single-player if you want to play alone, online multiplayer involving random strangers, online with your friends only, paas and play, which is simple for you. Many modes are present with different specialities of performance, and all of the functions are upgraded like pass and play has more cell options while spinning the wheel.

Pro version and premium benefits for free The Game Of Life 2 MOD APK v0.4.7 (Unlocked all)

As I must tell you, The Game Of Life 2 Mod Apk is a paid version of the game, so you need to bear in real terms to get these benefits and the game’s features to enjoy in the simulation. We, in this approach, have unlocked the pro version of the game with all the existing elements in the enhanced form so you can enjoy them variably. Everything is offered just for free, so you need not pay any money anytime to anyone for this gameplay experience.

Conclusion The Game Of Life 2 MOD APK v0.4.7 (Unlocked all)

Download The Game Of Life 2 Mod Apk for the uninterrupted experience of fulfilling life missions in the simulation. You can easily choose any dream related to money, career, health, education, profession, and more with ease of access.
In this modified version, we have unlocked the premium features and all that for free to you, so there is no need to spend money, unlimited money to access the upgrade of the tools, and free shopping of equipment, unlocks the standard device for the gameplay.

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